Thank You Korkers for Sponsoring The Adventure Blog

I wanted to take the opportunity to send one more big thanks out to Korkers for sponsoring The Adventure Blog over the past two months. The company came back onboard as a sponsor at the beginning of December and have stayed there ever since. They have also sponsored the blog and The Adventure Podcast in the past as well and I always appreciate their ongoing support.

For those not familiar with Korkers, the company makes boots designed to provide traction on snow, ice, water, and other slick surfaces specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, and those who work outside in the elements. Those boots come with changeable tread patterns for use in different environments and having tested them in the past, I can tell you that they are really great products that perform exceptionally well. On top of that, Korkers also makes a line of traction devices that fit over your existing shoes and boots, providing additional stability when and where you need it. I’ve had even more experience with these products and can tell you that they are highly functional, well-designed, and built specifically with runners, hikers, and even daily commuters in mind.

Also, a big thanks to the readers of my blog who have clicked on the banner above to check out what Korkers has to offer. By clicking through, the company sees what a large and engaged audience we have here at the website, making it worth their time to invest in us. If you haven’t clicked on the banner, do me a favor and do so. I’m going to leave it in place for a few more days before switching back to the regular website design.

Thanks again to Korkers for being a great sponsor and to all of you who drop by on a regular basis to check out what’s new in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration. I appreciate you all.

Kraig Becker