Video: Hiking British Columbia’s West Coast Trail

British Columbia’s West Coast Trail has been a wild and scenic route that has been luring hikers for more than a century. Stretching for 75 km (46 miles) through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery you could ever ask for, the WCT is an iconic walk that should be on any backpacker’s bucket list.

Don’t believe me? Check out this fantastic video, which gives us a complete look at this trek, sharing plenty of amazing views along the way.


2 thoughts on “Video: Hiking British Columbia’s West Coast Trail”

  1. Actually BC has MUCH better “iconic” hiking in Mt. Robson, Mt Assinibone, Yoho NP, Mt. Edidza etc. West Cost Trail is a boring slog through some soggy forest compared to the other spectacular hikes. Well promoted though and very highly regulated and requires booking far in advance. The weather is total crap shoot. Overall, the WCT is not worth the effort… If you want to hike the Pacific coast, Oregon or Washington State are much better. Even the North Coast Trail is better and not so busy.

  2. Well, It seems that Chris did not like the trail… 🙂 i did a small part of it and wish to return one day to do it all.

    This maybe not for everyone… Chris is right about the Oregon and Washington state see shore…. but why not do all of them?

    this is a project I want to do in a few years, travelling from Quebec just to do this!

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