Banff Film Festival Cancels Tour, Offers Movies Online For Free

We’re all struggling to find things to do right now and keep us occupied while secluded at home. That is simply a fact of life in the age of the coronavirus, which is keeping us sheltered in place at the moment. This is especially true for those of us who would prefer to be outside on a grand adventure somewhere remote and wild.

It doesn’t help that simple pleasures like the Banff Film Festival World Tour have been canceled either, depriving us of an outlet for our wanderlust. But take heart, fellow adventurers, because the organizers of that event have announced that they are putting the featured films online so that we can watch them at home for free.

More than 100 Adventure Films Available to Watch Online for Free

Yesterday afternoon, a PDF document circulated on the Internet from officials at the Banff Film Festival that lists more than 100 adventure films that you can watch right now.

The document includes the film’s name, the date it was released, and its run time. A brief explanation of what the film is about is also included, along with a link to where you can watch the video online. You can check out the entire list—and start streaming—by clicking here.

Blood Road Film

Some of the films that are a part of the list include Blood Road, Rebecca Rusch’s amazing documentary about her bike ride through Vietnam to find answers about her father’s death. He was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and was shot down while Rebeccas was just a small child.

Never knowing her father, the journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail was as much about finding herself as it was her dad. This bike-travel doc was an instant classic when it was released, taking us on an emotional journey that is amazing to watch payout.

Other Notable Films

Other films on the list include Beneath the Ice, which takes us ice climbing with Will Gadd while further exploring his relationship with the sport. Fans of high altitude mountaineering will find Loved by All—the story of Apa Sherpa—to be fascinating as well. At the same time, Age of Ondra introduces us to Czech climbing wunderkind Adam Ondra. Meanwhile, The Ladakh Project takes us back into the Himalayas for an amazing kayaking adventure with Nouria Newman. Sacred Strides takes us deep into the heart of the controversial Bears Ears national monument.

There are literally dozens of other film and shot videos to be found on his list as well, making this a treasure trove of video experiences for adventure lovers.

In fact, it pretty much doesn’t matter which outdoor activity you’re in to; you’ll probably find a film here to your liking. Whether that’s climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, paddling, running, or some combination of all of the above, there is probably something here that you’ll love. Who knows, you might even discover a new passion or two by watching some of these epic stories as well.

Easily Accessible

Most of the films on the list can be found on YouTube or Vimeo, which makes it easy to watch on your television if you have a streaming device or a smart TV. Be sure to grab a snack, make yourself comfortable, and settle in on the couch because you might be there for a while.

Website Resource with Clickable Links

Update #1: There have been a few comments regarding the quality of the PDF doc and not having clickable links. As a reminder, I didn’t make the .pdf file, so I can’t update it to include links. However, someone did put together a very nice website with all of the films listed and better links for all of us. You’ll find it here.

Announcement: 2021 Banff Film Festival to be held Virtually

Update #2: This article was originally posted back on March 24, while the coronavirus pandemic was starting to shut down the world. Now, months into COVID-19 being part of everyday life, the lockdowns continue in some places, while most are still restricted in some form or another.

Thankfully, the Banff Film Festival list has continued to be updated with new documentaries being added.

Meanwhile, with the 2021 edition of the BFF already in jeopardy, officials have announced that the next edition will be held virtually. The online edition is scheduled to take place from October 31-November 8, with passes and a full schedule now available. You can find out more by clicking here.

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  1. Wow, this is really a great thing to do! As I am sad there will be no Banff Mt Film Festival World Tour this year, I really appreciate still being able to be inspired by all these great films. Be safe out there!

  2. This is awesome news! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this with all of us fellow adventurers!

  3. Great concept but so hard to see. Pdf has addresses but no links. Links onmpages won’t cast or get bigger tk actually watch. Why not a playlist? I spent hours trying to go to urls onna smart TV or casting from phone with no success. I could see a 1″ version only.

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