Is It Safe to Go Outside During the Pandemic? GearJunkie Investigates!

News of the coronavirus pandemic has dominated our airwaves, websites, and Internet forums for the past couple of weeks. Heck, most of the stories I’ve posted have had either direct or indirect influence from the global crisis. This virus has put many of us on lockdown or at the very least, turned our lives upside down in terms of what we now view as “normal.” Throughout all of this, the one question that I have been continually asked is whether or not it is safe to go outside. The short answer is yes. But the long answer is a bit more complicated.

To help us sort through this issue, our friends over at GearJunkie took a look at the current conventional wisdom regarding the coronavirus and provided some guidance for readers. Currently, most doctors will tell you that there is little danger in heading outdoors to get some exercise and enjoy some fresh air, provided you do so in small groups, keep a safe distance from one another, and pay close attention to what your body is telling you. If you aren’t feeling well, are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, or simply want to avoid potential exposure, then by all means be smart and safe and remain indoors. But if you’re feeling up to it, going outside might actually be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Now, all of that said, as the GearJunkie article points out, this is a quickly evolving situation. You’ll want to check with your local authorities on the current rules governing what you can do while you’re outside. For instance, in some of the harder hit regions of Europe, cycling and even running is banned at the moment. Here in the U.S., parks, campsites, and trails are getting closed too. Knowing what is permitted and what isn’t will have an impact on your outdoor activities during this time, and you may find that some of your favorite sports are currently off limits.

All of that said, one of the best cures for “cabin fever” is simply going for a walk. Get outside in the sun, breathe the fresh air, and leave your cloistered existence for a short time. Keep a safe distance of at least six feet (2 meters) and be respectful of others and you should be just fine. You may even return home feeling better than before you left.

Stay safe and healthy my friends.

Kraig Becker