Keen is Giving Away 100,000 Pairs of Shoes to Those in Need

We could all use a bit of good news right now, don’t you think? Our friends over at Keen agree, which is why they’re giving away 100,000 pairs of shoes to those who can currently use them the most. But, they’re not just randomly donating thousands of pairs of boots to several charities, but are instead letting us help them decide who to give them to. They’re even allowing us to directly nominate someone we think deserves some new footwear.

Yesterday, Keen relaunched the front page of its website with a message of support and strength for its community. In that message, the company announced the massive give away to help supply workers, families, and individuals who are sorely in need of a new pair of shoes as the current pandemic crisis plays out across the globe. In doing so, the Keen team also created a submission form that allows us to nominate someone we think is most deserving oft a free pair of boots or shoes from company’s extensive catalog. As you can probably imagine, the process was an overwhelming one. It also proved that even during a crisis like the one we all currently face, there are individuals looking to take advantage of the system.

As of now, the submission form is offline while Keen’s management team works through creating a more secure method of taking submissions. A message that appears on the website indicates that some individuals were using what was intended to be a charitable program in malicious ways. It isn’t clear exactly what kind of things were happening, but the note on indicates that the team is working through the process and hopes to have the submission form back up and working again soon. Perhaps even by the time this post is up. If not, have some patience, and you’ll soon be able to make your nominations once again.

This is an amazing gesture from a company that routinely puts its money where its mouth is in terms of supporting the greater outdoor community. There are few in the outdoor industry that are as good of stewards for the environment or walk the walk in terms of being better for our planet than the folks at Keen. I have no doubt that they’ll sort out the issues with this program and continue working towards giving away those 100,000 shoes.


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  1. Please consider GEMS school in Bangladesh for your chosen charity. It is a school for poor children who are now gaining success with O and A levels and starting to face professional choices thanks to Kiwis, Cindy Meyer (on FaceBook) and her husband Ross who have worked tirelessly in Bangladesh for over 30 years now.

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