Shameless Plug: Facing Your Fears by Don Mann and Your’s Truly

I try to keep the self-promotion somewhat to a minimum here at The Adventure Blog, but on occasion I do link out to other projects that I’m working on or articles that I’ve written. In the past, I’ve also shared the release of two books as well, with a note about their subject matter and where you can order them from Amazon if you’re interested. Today, I’m doing just that once again, as my third book was recently published, arriving in bookstores about a week and a half ago.

Once again written with my co-author Don Mann, my most recent book is entitled Facing Your FearsIt is the second book in what we all the “Trident Trilogy,” which takes principles used by Navy SEALs and applies them to your own life. Don is a former SEAL himself and offers a lot if insight into that, both as an author and a motivational speaker. In our most recent book we take a look at the nature of fear, how we often end up letting it rule our lives, and ways that we can overcome it. As with the first book in the Trident Trilogy—Overcoming Obstacleswe illustrate our points by using real life stories and examples that readers can relate to. Some of those stories come from the missions that Navy SEALs have undertaken, but many of them are about explorers, adventurers, businessmen and women, inventors, and others who can serve as inspiration.

The third book in the series is called Choosing Your Battles and it is currently due out in July. It explores similar themes, although as you can tell from the title, it’s more about learning to fight the fights that are important to you. All three books in the Trident Trilogy also serve as a good companion to Don and my first book, Reaching Beyond Boundaries, which explore’s my co-author’s story more in depth and examines his personal philosophy for getting things done. As a SEAL and a world-class adventure athlete, he has a lot to share in that area.

Thanks for indulging me with this post. If you’re looking for something to read while on quarantine or socially distancing, I’d appreciate it if you considered picking up a book or two from my catalog. In addition to Choosing Your Battles, Don and I have one more book coming in the fall, but it will be completely different from anything else we’ve done before. I don’t want to share too much yet, but it was a lot of fun to write and research and I think you might enjoy it too. Stay tuned for updates down the line.

Kraig Becker