Simple Guidelines for Outdoor Adventure in the Age of the Coronavirus

There is no question that the coronavirus has upended our lives and has put things a little off kilter. Right now, businesses around the world are closed in order to keep people from interacting with one another, while millions of people are working from home or have lost their jobs altogether thanks to the current lockdown. To make matters worse, many of the adventurous expeditions that we’d normally be covering at this time of year are all cancelled, leaving us with few topics to talk about. But all of that said, the coronavirus can’t keep us from going outside, which is still a healthy thing to do. That is, provided you follow a few simple guidelines before embarking on an outdoor adventure.

Men’s Journal has put together a good round up of the ways that we can still go outside and do the things we love, despite the presence of COVID-19. In fact, experts say that fresh air and sunshine is good for our happiness and mental health, while hiking, running, or just going for a walk can do wonders for us physically too. All of those things are encouraged right now, provided you adhere to a few rules—most notably not gathering in large groups and maintaining a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) at all times.

Some of the other suggestions in this article are to start to learn to live without your car and take time to embrace a bit of R&R. Many of us are currently under an order to “shelter in place,” which means we’re not driving to many places to begin with. With only essential stores and services open, there aren’t many places to go anyway, so leave the car in the driveway and take a nice long walk in the neighborhood. This is also a good time to immerse yourself in some rest and relaxation, providing the perfect excuse to give yourself some time to rejuvenate and heal up those nagging injuries. By embracing the downtime and accepting that there isn’t much else we can do at the moment, you’ll be well prepared for that next adventure once life starts getting back to normal.

The guidelines that MJ shares in this article may seem simple and like common sense, but they are a good reminder to us all. The important takeaway is that you don’t have to stop doing all of the things that you enjoy, just be safe and allow yourself some extra space. Right now, being outside is definitely a good place to be.

Kraig Becker