The Adventure Podcast Episode 98: Trekking Across Papua New Guinea with James Campbell

After taking last week off due to travel, The Adventure Podcast returns this week amidst weird and uncertain times. As you can imagine, the coronavirus is a major topic of discussion for myself and my co-host Dave Adlard as we get up to speed with everything that has been happening in the world since our last show. As it turns out, a lot went down, including the closure of Mt. Everest for the spring season, the ending of all winter climbing expeditions, and the start of the 2020 Iditarod sled dog race.

While the coronavirus and its impact dominates much of the conversation, we also welcomed author, television producer, and adventurer James Campbell to the podcast. James is the author of the book Ghost Mountain Boys, which tells the tale of American soldiers who were forced to march across Papua New Guinea as part of a offensive back in 1942. That grueling journey is considered one of the worst military marches of all time for a variety of reasons that we get into. In writing his book, as well as a companion article for Outside magazine, Campbell traveled to Papua New Guinea and trekked the same route as the soldiers himself. Now, he is planning to go back this summer and lead two treks through the jungle once again. He even tells us how we can join him, should we be intrigued enough with his story. (Spoiler Alert: You’ll probably be intrigued!) To join one of those treks, drop James an email to find out more.

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Thanks for tuning in and stay safe and healthy out there.

Kraig Becker