Video: Survivorman Les Stroud Breaks Down Survival Scenes From Movies

There once was a time when the outdoor community was divided into those who loved Bear Grylls and his over the top antics and those who were fans of Les Stroud and his more realistic approach to survival. Both men had their supporters and detractors, and each made for interesting television.

But in recent years, Stroud has been content to stay out of the limelight to a degree, while Bear has continued to be a media star. Recently, GQ lured Stroud out of retirement to share his thoughts on some of the most iconic and well-known survival scenes from movies.

As you’ll see in this clip, he doesn’t pull a lot of punches and isn’t afraid to let Hollywood know what he thinks about its sensationalist brand of “survival.” As always, Stroud remains entertaining.

Kraig Becker