Virtual Athletic Events to Keep You Occupied in Quarantine

Virtual Athletic Events: The COVID-19 pandemic has put a crimp on a lot of our plans for the year and kept us locked in place at home while we wait for things to improve. That has led to the cancellation of more events than we could ever list here, including conventions, athletic/sporting activities, travel, and so much more.

While that has indeed been a depressing side effect of the coronavirus, it is also completely understandable considering the situation. But, as we all know, it is safe to go outside, be active, and continue your favorite activities, provided you keep your distance from other and don’t gather in large groups.

To that end, there are several athletic events that I’ve learned about that will take place in a virtual/online environment to encourage people to remain active even in these challenging times.

The first of those events is a virtual run that is aptly named The Quarantine. Just like the regular running events that you sign up for, you’ll be taking part in a heated competition. The difference here is, that you won’t be taking to the starting line with hundreds of other runners, but will instead be finding another way to run your chosen distance.

There are four such distances to choose from, including 1 mile, 5K, half- and full-marathon. You’ll be tasked to run the distance you sign up for in your living room, backyard, or neighborhood. Heck, you can run it on a treadmill if you like. The point is to run the distance and submit your time after completing the route.

The virtual race is set to go down on April 11, so you still have plenty of time to sign up and get ready. The entry fee for each category is $30, with a portion of that going to support the fight against COVID-19. You can find out more on the race sign-up page linked above, or on the official Quarantine Facebook page.

On a similar note, the Dirty Kanza bike race may be in jeopardy as organizers decide the fate of the May 30th event. But in order to prepare for the race, training camps are heading into the virtual space as well. Typically, race directors have offered a series of training camps to help riders prepare for the challenging gravel ride, but thanks to the current situation, those camps have been cancelled. Instead, they’ll now take those training opportunities online by offering a virtual training experience instead.

From the sounds of things, this training experience will be a unique and interesting one. The DK team is putting a lot of effort into making this work by planning out the programming for athletes, devising online challenge rides, scheduling cameo appearances from pro riders, offering footage from the course, and coming up with some inventive live streams to keep virtual attendees entertained and informed.

The entire event will be hosted by the DK squad, who are going to great lengths to make sure it all comes together in a meaningful way. Registration for the virtual training camp will go live on Thursday morning at 10:00 AM Central Time.

I’m sure there will be other similar events coming in the days ahead. I’l try to post them regularly to help spread the word on other opportunities. We all need to find ways to stay busy, fit, and sane in the weeks ahead.

Kraig Becker