A Running List of Outdoor Brands Fighting the Coronavirus

Last week I shared a post that listed some brands in the outdoor industry that were pitching in to help during the coronavirus pandemic. In that article, I called out a few of my favorite gear manufacturers for the great work they were doing, while also linking to a story at Gear Junkie that shared 30 different companies that were retooling to help during this crisis. Now, Outside magazine is offering a similar list, although it is longer, more extensive and continually being updated with new entities.

Listed in alphabetical order, Outside’s article gives us a complete rundown of how outdoor brands are contributing to the cause. In some cases, that means retooling to create personal protective equipment, such as face shields and masks. In other instances, it means shifting funds around to donate to various causes or even to help furloughed employees get through this crisis. Some are donating important pieces of equipment like gloves, shoes, and clothing, while others are donating to food banks to assist those in need.

A few examples of what the outdoor industry is doing to help during the pandemic include backpack manufacturer Mystery Ranch, running shoe company New Balance, and premium coat designer Canada Goose all creating much-needed masks. Meanwhile, Cotopaxi is donating to the International Rescue Committee’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund, L.L. Bean is contributing food to local food banks, and vodka manufacturer Misadventure and Company has shifted manufacturing to product hand sanitizer instead.

As I said in my original article on this topic, it makes me proud to be a part of an industry that has so selflessly decided to give back and has shifted directions so quickly to lend a hand. These are difficult times for many of us and business are really suffering right now just as we are as individuals. But being able to change directions and find ways to help during this time of crisis is inspiring to say the least. When it comes time to upgrade your gear or add something new to your gear closet, keep these brands in mind and show them a little love for their efforts. They deserve our thanks for what they’re doing.

Check out the full list, which will be updated regularly, here.

Kraig Becker