Bikepacking Films to Get You Through Quarantine

Bikepacking Films: Since the coronavirus pandemic really took hold a few weeks back, we’ve seen a number of outlets offering access to a library of adventure films online. That included a rundown of the documentaries that are part of the Banff Film Festival, as well as Kilian Jornet offering his “Summits of My Life” series for free too.

In addition, Salomon TV is digging into its archives to share some of its best films from the past, while The North Face is doing the same. In short, there is a lot of great outdoor-related content to enjoy at the moment, but now we can add another category of films to our list as has posted a rundown of the best videos for bike-focused adventurers too.

This list contains the Bikepacking team’s all-time favorite films in the genre, including several that we’ve shared here on The Adventure Blog in the past, as well as some that I had never seen before. You’ll find cycling adventures in Mongolia, Alaska, Colorado, Norway, and a number of other awe-inspiring places.

The videos selected here will both inspire you to want to get out on a bikepacking adventure of your own and perhaps dissuade you from ever wanting to do such a thing, all at the same time. You’ll find sweeping vistas, beautiful landscapes, impressive wilderness, and a whole lot of suffering. Lots and lots of suffering.

Right now, with many of us required to stay close to home, these videos are a nice way to escape, even if it is just for a little while. They also provide some good ideas on where we want to go next once the world returns to some sense of normalcy. Eventually, things will get back to normal and we’ll have the opportunity to return to exploring the world around us. Until that happens though, we’ll just have to settle for exploring through our video screens.

Big thanks to my friend Rick McCharles of fame for sharing this list of videos. It’ll give me something to watch over the next few days.

Kraig Becker