Gear Closet: Saxx New Frontier 2N1 Shorts Review

Saxx New Frontier 2n1 Shorts review

One of the best parts about the return of spring—and eventual return of summer—is the warmer temperatures. That means we can put away the long pants and break out the shorts for use on our outdoor adventures.

Of course, just like any other piece of outdoor gear that we use, having the right apparel makes all the difference. And while you might be inclined to think that any old short will do, there are definitely some that are better suited for active pursuits than others. Case in point, the Saxx New Frontier 2n1, which provides plenty of comfort for wherever your travels might take you.

For those not familiar with Saxx, the company is most well known for its underwear. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, Saxx underwear has been custom made for those who lead an active lifestyle. That includes using soft fabrics that are breathable and moisture wicking, while providing antimicrobial features that help control odors too.

The briefs are designed to move with the wearer, never inhibiting motion, and they have seams that are strategically placed to avoid chafing. Their signature feature however is the “ballpark pouch,” which has been engineered to hold all of a man’s important parts securely in place while on the go. Having used Saxx underwear for sometime now, I can tell you that they are indeed very comfortable, particularly when traveling.

When creating its New Frontier short, the designers at Saxx brought all of their expertise together to create an article of clothing that integrates some of the key features of its underwear—including the ballpark pouch—to develop outerwear that is good looking and comfortable as well.

The result is a pair of shorts that you can wear on the trail, exploring a foreign city, or just lounging around at home. This is due—at least in part—to the fact that the shorts come equipped with Saxx’s Slim Fit liner, which is essentially a pair of the company’s underwear already integrated directly into the design.

The New Frontier short uses premium fabrics that give it an elevated look, allowing them to be paired with a nice shirt for brunch at your favorite restaurant or even a night out on the town. But don’t be fooled by those fabrics, there as technical and performant as you would expect from a piece of apparel made to be used in the outdoors or while traveling the planet. These materials breathe nicely to help prevent the build up of perspiration and they wick moisture very effectively too.

When designing the New Frontier short, the team at Saxx built in a fixed waist that includes a snap closure and zippered fly. What does that mean for you an me? A more tailored fit that moves surprisingly well with the body, even while being active.

This allows these shorts to pull double-duty, serving as a hiking, cycling, or climbing companion without missing a beat. This is truly great looking, great fitting, and great performing active wear that just so happens to look like an upscale pair of shorts from a designer label.

All of that said, the New Frontier short also comes with a designer label price tag. Priced at $95 per pair, these are definitely on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Particularly when you can find activewear shorts from competitors at cost about half what these do.

To be fair, Saxx does bring some things to the table to help separate it from the competition, most notably the aforementioned inner lining that delivers a lot in terms of fit, functionality, and comfort. But is it worth the premium price? That’s tough to say. These are definitely one of the more comfortable and good looking pairs of shorts I’ve ever worn, and they are indeed fantastic for use when traveling. But the same can be said for a number of other shorts on the market too.

If these were a bit more completely priced, I’d say the Saxx New Frontier shorts are a must-buy for warm weather adventures. With their premium price tag however, you may want to shop around a bit before making your decision. If you do decide to go with these shorts, you’ll be more than happy with them, even if they do cost a little more than the competition.

Find out more on the Saxx website.

Kraig Becker