The Adventure Podcast Episode 100: Our Favorite Podcast Moments Through 100 Shows

It’s hard to believe, but The Adventure Podcast has now been around for 100 episodes. Yep, the little project that started about two and half years ago, has continued to chug along, with new episodes being released as regularly as my co-host Dave Adlard and I can manage.

To celebrate hitting this milestone, we thought we’d look back on those first 100 podcasts and reflect on our favorite moments, the shows and guests that have stood out, and the things that we’ve learned along the way.

What we found was that while we have come a long way in a short period of time, and had the chance to do some really fun episodes, it is our regular and loyal listeners who have had the biggest impact on us.

Before jumping into our favorite moments from the first 100 episodes, Dave and I first take a look at recent new from the world of exploration and adventure. There isn’t a whole lot to discuss at the moment, with most of us staying close to home and on lockdown.

But, we do have news about the abrupt end to the trekking season in Nepal and what it’s like for a Nat Geo photographer to return from a remote location and find the world upended by the coronavirus. We also have a few unique and interesting stories about some fascinating archaeological discoveries in Mexico and Russia as well.

Later, my co-host and I share our weekly Gear Picks, with Dave offering his thoughts on the Coghlan’s Delux Pop-Up Trash Can, while I review the LifeFuels Smart Bottle.

You can listen to the latest episode in this blog post, with the entire show streaming in the player below. Alternatively, you’ll also find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sticher, and Spotify, where you can also subscribe to the show and never miss an episode. Feedback, suggestions, questions, and comments can be sent to us via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

We always appreciate hearing from listeners and generally reply fairly quickly whenever we can.

Thank you so much for listening to the show and supporting us over these first 100 episodes. Here’s to many more to come!

Kraig Becker