The Adventure Podcast Episode 102: An Interview with Explorer Alice Morrison

We’re back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast this week. For our latest episode, we’re joined by explorer Alice Morrison, who has spent the last several years trekking across the Sahara, wandering on foot through Morocco, and exploring much of Northern Africa. This former BBC journalist left that job to become a full-time adventurer a few years back and has since written three books about her journeys, which have included an overland trip from Morocco to Timbuktu. She’s funny, charming, and insightful and quickly became one of our favorite guests ever on the show.

Before jumping into our interview with Alice, my co-host Dave Adlard and I first discuss the latest in Adventure News. There isn’t much to talk about at the moment, but we do dive into virtual treks to Everest Base Camp, an online virtual ultramarathon, and some of the funniest warranty claims that REI has ever had to deal with. Later, we share our weekly gear reviews, with Dave revealing that he has backed a crowdfunded ebike, while I offer my thoughts on a pair of pants and jacket from outdoor brand Kühl.

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Kraig Becker