The Adventure Podcast Episode 104: An Interview with Adventure Athlete Grant Maughan

It’s Wednesday, which means its time for another episode of The Adventure Podcast. This week, we’re joined by our guest Grant Maughan, who is an ultrarunner and endurance athlete. Grant didn’t even start running until he was 47 and yet in a brief period of time he has managed to compete in some of the top ultra events in the world, including coming in second place at the Badwater Ultramarathon. Since then, he has also traveled to remote parts of the world and even climbed Mt. Everest, pushing himself and his own limits. Grant tells us about his journey and provides inspiration for those looking to push their own boundaries too.

Before we get into our interview with Grand, my co-host Dave Adlard and I first break down the latest adventure news with stores on a treasure trove of ancient artifacts found in a remote Norwegian mountain pass, a ski resort opening in the wake of the coronavirus, and Mt. Everest getting 5G cell service. Later, we also share our weekly Gear Picks, with Dave offering his thoughts on the 686 Multi Gore-Tex Paclite jacket, while I review the new Goal Zero Yeti 500X portable power station.

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Once again, thanks so much for giving us a listen.

Kraig Becker