Tips for Surviving Isolation From a Couple Who Lived in the Wilderness for a Year

If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about surviving in isolation or social distancing, it’s probably Dave and Amy Feeman. If those names sound familiar, its because back in 2015-2016, the couple spent an entire year living in the wilderness, completely off the grid. The Freeman’s spent that time in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota as they sought to raise awareness of the challenges that were facing the Voyageurs National Park. During that time, they learned a thing or two about how to live in isolation and what it meant to truly “socially distance” themselves from the rest of the world. Now, they’re offering up some tips on how to survive under those conditions.

Dave and Amy shared their bits of wisdom with Men’s Journal, offering up some advice on how to maintain our sanity and keep our relationships strong while still maintaining isolation. For instance, they recommend developing a daily routine and sticking to it. By giving yourself tasks to accomplish and things to do, you’ll stay occupied and feel like you have a purpose. Having empty time on your hands can lead to boredom, anxiety, and tension, which could eventually lead to conflict with others. Even if you’re isolating by yourself however, not having a routine will disrupt your living situation in negative ways.

Other tips include working together to accomplish tasks and goals, learning to adapt to the “new normal” of distancing yourself from others, and learning to unplug from time to time to get a break from stressful news updates and social media. Dave and Amy stress that it is still important to stay informed about what is happening, but a constant stream of troubling news and stressful updates is counter productive.

Perhaps their best bit of advice it to get outside. That was easy for them, living in a remote part of the planet. But it is equally important for us to do the same. Despite the fact that we are currently facing a global pandemic, it is still safe to go outside provided you keep a safe distance from others and don’t gather in large groups. The fresh air and sunshine is good for your mind and body and will help break up the monotony that comes with quarantine.

There are other tips to consider as well, all of which are meant to help us weather the current storm and keep our spirits up in the process. Check out the entire insightful article here.

Kraig Becker