Video: A Female Ultrarunner Becomes a Role Model in Morocco

Female Ultrarunner: In the very-traditional culture of Morocco, there arenโ€™t always a lot of role models for girls to look up to. But ultrarunner Aziza Raji is providing just such an example as she not only finds ways to continue her life in the Atlas Mountains, while also training for the long-distance events that she competes in.

A rising young star in the sport, she has proven that modern Moroccan women can pursue their passions and be successful in just about anything they choose to do. That path hasnโ€™t been an easy one however, as there are still many in the country that arenโ€™t ready to accept women pushing the boundaries of society and culture.

But for Aziza, there is no other way forward. Beautifully shot and wonderfully told, this is a fantastic video to inspire.

Kraig Becker