Video: Garrett Madison Tells Us How to Climb Mt. Everest

How to Climb Mt. Everest: If you’re looking for advice on how to successfully climb Mt. Everest, I can’t think of too many better sources of information than Garrett Madison. Garrett owns and operates Madison Mountaineering and has been one of the top guides on the world’s highest peak in recent years.

In this video, put together by Mountain Hardwear, Madison imparts some great wisdom on what it actually takes to reach the summit of the mountain. His years of experience provide beginner and veteran climbers alike some unique insights into what you should know before, during, and even after an expedition to the Himalaya. If you’re missing your Everest fix this season, this clip will certainly help. But more importantly, if you’re considering a climb up the “Big Hill” yourself, you’ll want to watch this first.

Kraig Becker

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