Video: Osprey Reminds Us to Go Have an Adventure in the Most Adorable Way

Considering everything that his happening in the world, there’s a good chance many of us could use a reason to smile right about now. Look no further than this video, which comes our way courtesy of Osprey Packs. It stars four-year old Morgan, whose dad works for the company. In the clip, the adorable youngster not only gives us a glimpse of her Daylite Kids pack, she explains what she carries in her bag while also reminding us that we can have some pretty great adventures in our own backyard. The short and oh-so sweet video is a good reminder that not everything is bad right now and that when we get through the current situation, we’ll all be more than ready for our next adventure. Right now though, I just want to see more of Morgan exploring her backyard.

Kraig Becker