Gear Closet: Lander Kiva Headlamp Review

Lander Kiva Headlamp: For me, one of the most important pieces of gear that I take with me when I travel, hike, or go camping is a headlamp. Many times I don’t need it at all, but there have also been so many occasions when I’ve been happy to have one with me.

They prove incredibly useful in so many situations that I can’t imagine not having one within easy reach at just about any time. Because of this, I’ve become somewhat of a headlamp aficionado, always keeping my eyes peeled for new models that bring interesting features to the table. Which is why when I was given a chance to test out the new Kiva headlamp from Lander, I jumped at the chance.

When examining the specs on this headlamp, a few things stuck out immediately. Not only does it offer up to 150 lumens of light, but it has a potential burn-time of over 40 hours when set on its lowest brightness level. Those are fairly good stats, but when you factor in that the Kiva weighs just 2.3 ounces (65 grams), the performance levels seem even that much more outstanding.

Once I got my hands on my test unit, I was able to confirm the Kiva’s fantastic levels of brightness, as well as its long run time. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the device really does offer great performance, even on medium-brightness settings.

And while it’s true that you might have to carry a battery pack—rather than disposable batteries— to recharge the headlamp in the field, but because the battery offers such a long life, you’ll probably be able to get through most outings without worrying about recharging anyway.

Lander designed the Kiva to be easy and convenient to use, adding a number of nice touches to its design. For instance, it has a large, single power button that not only turns the lamp on and off, but adjusts brightness too. That button is easy to find while you’re wearing the headlamp and it is fully glove compatible too. This makes operating the Kiva a simple affair, without extra buttons to create confusion.

Other nice features include a tilting mechanism that allows users to adjust the angle of the beam and an IP65 water, dust, and snow-proof rating that ensures the Kiva is durable enough to survive the outdoors. It even has a lantern mode that defuses the light, turning the headlamp into a mini lantern. This is great for using it around the campsite or in a tent, where illuminating a wider area is valuable.

One of the more interesting and innovative aspects of the Kiva is its headband. Comfortable to wear, very breathable, and providing a good grip, the band happens to be made from fabrics created from recycled plastic bottles. This means the headlamp is eco-friendly too. The headband is so good in fact, that you can wear the Kiva on a run and not worry about it falling off or banging against your forehead.

Priced at $49.99, the Lander Kiva headlamp is very competitive with similar lightweight models on the market. The combination of weight, brightness, and long battery life is a relatively rare thing in the headlamp space, but Lander has managed to pull it off nicely. If you’re in need of a new headlamp before your next adventure, the Kiva should be on your short list of options without a donut.

Find out more about the Lander Kiva headlamp here.

Kraig Becker