Scott Jurek Picks Best Trail Running Gear for Spring 2020

Best trail running gear: If you’re going to ask a trail runner to share his picks for the best gear to use for spring and summer 2020, Scott Jurek is a good person to ask. Not only has the professional ultrarunner competed in some of the toughest long-distance events in the world—including winning the Western States 100 an astonishing seven times in a row— he once set a speed record for completing the Appalachian Trail as well.

So, when GearJunkie was ready to do a round-up of the best new trail running gear, they went straight to the source, with Jurek offering some excellent suggestions of gear that we can all use on the trail right now.

In putting together this list, Jurek pretty well has us covered from head to toe, and everywhere in between. He also suggestions a number of gear items to keep us moving quickly and safely on the trail, as well as some nutritional and hydration options to stay fueled as well. In other words, this is a comprehensive run-down of the best gear for running long-distances, although those of use who take on more modest running adventures are likely to find these products useful as well.

So what exactly did the ultrarunner recommend? You’ll have to check out the full article to find out everything that he suggestions. But as a few examples, Jurek says we should have the Brooks Pre Grit 8 on our feet and the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 5.0 on our backs.

He also gives an enthusiastic thumbs up to the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z trekking poles and the Garmen Forerunner 945 GPS running watch. These are just a few of the numerous items that make the cut however, with running apparel, water bottles, headlamps, and recovery sandals all getting some love here.

If you’re in the market for some new gear, and are more than ready to hit the trail for a workout, check out the full article here. A word of warning though, you may want to have your credit card at the ready, as there is plenty of great gear you may want to add to you closet soon.

Kraig Becker