Tales From the Explorers Club

When it comes to exploration and adventure, the venerable Explorers Club, located in New York City, is an institution. For for more than a century, the club has been a gathering place for those who push the boundaries of science, knowledge, and human endurance.

Its members have included mountaineers, astronauts, deep sea divers, scientists, and many others. It is an exclusive organization to say the least, and few outsiders get the chance to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the curtain.. But thanks to a recent article from Avenue Magazine, we can all get a sense of what it is like inside the club’s historical headquarters.

Located in New York’s Upper East Side, The Explorers Club HQ is serves as club house of sorts for members who live nearby or are visiting the area. For example, I n the Avenue Mag article, we’re introduced to the “Friday Frolic” crew, which is group of regulars who drop by on Fridays to swap stories of their adventures.

That can include anything from what its like to spend several weeks on the International Space Station to how it feels to stand at the North or South Pole. They gather in rooms adorned with artifacts and paraphernalia that have been collected over the years from the club’s many storied members who have accomplished some of the most daring feats in exploration, some well publicized and others barely known.

The Avenue article takes us behind the scenes at the club, wandering its halls and speaking with several prominent members. It provides some insights into what happens there and who it allows to join its illustrious ranks.

As it turns out, the Explorers Club headquarters is more than just a place for members to socialize, as it also serves as a resource for those who want to research and plan expeditions, meet with potential sponsors, and organize upcoming events.

Some of our favorite outdoor and adventure personalities are a part of The Explorers Club, not to mention several of my good friends. For most of us, joining their ranks probably isn’t in the cards, but thanks to this article we can all feel like we’re members, even if its for a short time. To read it in its entirety, click here.