The Adventure Podcast Episode 105: Talking Adventure Travel with Podcaster Kit Parks

As usual, Wednesday brings another episode of The Adventure Podcast. This week, we welcome fellow podcaster Kit Parks to the show. Kit discovered the joys of adventure travel at the age of 50, proving that you’re never too young or old to add a bit of adventure to your life. Since then, she has trekked numerous trails all over the world, visited some amazing places, and done some crazy things along the way.

She shares tales of those experiences, which also inspired her to launch two podcasts of her own—Active Travel Adventures and the Adventure Travel Show. If you’re looking for some new travel-centric podcasts to listen to, I suggest giving both shows a try.

Before chatting with Kit, my cohost Dave Adlard and I first break down the latest in Adventure News. That includes an update on Everest, where a team of surveyors are preparing to remeasure the height of the mountain. We also discuss a world traveler who is attempting to visit every country on the planet without using air travel, as well as an ocean rower who made a record-setting crossing of the Atlantic recently. Later, we share our thoughts on some outdoor gear, with Dave reviewing the Bison Rolling Grill, while I take al look at the Goal Zero Nomad 50 solar panel.

You can listen to the show in the embedded audio player below, but if you prefer to consume your podcasts while driving, running, riding, or doing just about anything else, you’ll also find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sticher, and Spotify. Comments, questions, and feedback can be sent our way via Facebook, Twitter, or email. We always enjoy hearing your thoughts and answering any questions that you might have.

Thanks for listening and we’ll be back next week with another show with a surprise guest already lined up.

Kraig Becker