The Adventure Podcast Episode 106: An Interview with Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes

When we envisioned launching The Adventure Podcast more than two years ago, my co-host Dave Adlard and I had hoped that we would get some high profile guests to join us for the occasional interview. We have had some outstanding individuals join us on the show, particularly in recent weeks.

But this week, we probably have our biggest “get” yet in the form of the ultramarathon man himself, Dean Karnazes. Dean has quite literally written the book on ultra running and is an incredibly engaging and interesting guy. During the interview, we talk about his career, how he got started running really, really long distances, and the grueling grind that comes with running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.

We also talk at some length about this most recent book, The Road to Sparta, which examines the historical aspects of running a marathon. As is usual the case with our conversations with guests, we cover a lot of different topics and chat about some adventurous, grueling, and downright inspiring things.

Before Dean joins us for the interview, Dave and I first take a look at the latest Adventure News, with updates on the current status of teams on Mt. Everest and an ocean rower who is training for the Northwest Passage in his garage.

We also look back on one of the more unique adventures we’ve ever come across from the past, when in 2000 two Italian men sailed across the Atlantic in floating cars. (Yes! Cars1) Later, in our weekly Gear Segment, we both share our thoughts on some new products. For me, its the Lander Kiva headlamp, while Dave takes a peek at Mountainsmith’s Slingback camp chair.

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Thanks for giving us a listen. We hope you enjoy the show!

Kraig Becker