The Adventure Podcast Episode 108: A Chat with Adventure Filmmakers Erik Nachtrieb and Viv Smith

The long Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. is throwing off all sense of time, particularly when coupled with the ongoing pandemic. Believe it or not however, it is Wednesday, which means we have a new episode of the The Adventure Podcast to share. This week, we’re joined by adventure filmmakers Erik Nachtrieb and Vivian Smith of 1iOpen Productions. This dynamic duo share stories from their travels, how they got started in a career focused on adventure, and what their globetrotting lifestyle is really like. (Hint: It’s pretty awesome!) They also share some advice on how to get started in a similar profession and how they are surviving in global lockdown that is preventing them from going anywhere at the moment.

Before jumping into our interview with Erik and Viv, my co-host Dave Adlard and I take a look at the latest adventure news. That includes updates from Mt. Everest, the cancellation of a major race in Europe, and a story from Yellowstone National Park, where a visitor was mauled by a bison two days after reopening. Due to time constraints, we pass on our usual gear segment this week, although we do share some gear news. One of our favorite brands—Matador—has released a new duffel bag called the SEG42. We had a chance to see it at Winter Outdoor Retailer back in January, but because it was under an NDA, we couldn’t talk about it. That said, we were still so impressed that we gave it a “Best in Show” award anyway. Now, we can finally mention it, proclaiming this new bag one you’ll want to have once travel resumes.

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As always, thanks fo giving us a listen.

Kraig Becker