Video: Becoming Ruby—How an Outdoor Athlete Created Her Own Inspirational Hero

Let’s face it, the outdoor community isn’t always the most diverse and inclusive environment. There are strides being made to change that of course, but it can be extremely daunting for an athlete to want to participate in outdoor sports, but not find anyone who looks, talks, or acts like they do. That’s exactly what mountain biker, skier, and artist Brooklyn Bell discovered as she began to explore her passion for adventure. So when she couldn’t find a hero to serve as her inspiration, she invented one instead. Her creating is a comic character by the name of Ruby J. This character is bolder, stronger, and smarter than most of us, and she has become the inspiration that Brooklyn has needed to pursue the things she really wants out of life. In this video, you’ll meet Brooklyn and Ruby, and quite possibly tap into your inner hero too.

Kraig Becker