Video: Chasing the 10 Hour Mark in an Ironman Triathlon

Completing an Ironman Triathlon—a distance o 140.6 miles (226.2 km)—is a fantastic accomplishment for any athlete, as the sport requires endurance in swimming, cycling, and running. In this video, we join amateurs triathlete Adam as he sets a goal for himself to finish an Ironman tri in under ten hours.

To make things more challenging, this is only his second Ironman-length event. In the clip, our intrepid hero admits that the ten hour barrier means nothing to anyone else but himself. But for him, it is everything and that is all that matters. We can all learn a lot about setting goals, chasing our objectives, and putting in the hard work to achieve something big from Adam, who is “chasing ten” in this inspiring clip.

Kraig Becker