Video: Desert Ultra — Running an Ultramarathon in Namibia

The Desert Ultramarathon is a little race that is held in Namibia each year. The event challenges athletes—who come from all over the world—to cover a 250 km (155 miles) in five days.

That includes a final stage that is over 90 km (50 miles) in length, while temperatures routinely climb to 50ºC/120ºF. Oh, and did we happen to mention the event takes place in the Namib Desert, one of the most grueling and challenging environments on the planet? In other words, this race has pretty much everything an ultrarunner is looking for, with an extra dash of suffering added in for good measure.

This video takes us into the heart of The Desert Ultramarathon, introducing us to the runners who take part in such a difficult undertaking, while showing us the landscapes they must navigate along the way too. If you’re looking to put an amazing challenge on your schedule for after the pandemic, this would be a good candidate for sure.

Kraig Becker