Video: Fixed Up—An ‘Everesting’ Challenge without Gears or Brakes

The concept of taking on an “Everesting” challenge seems to have come to the forefront in recent weeks, despite the fact that it has been a “thing” in the cycling community for a number of years. The goal is to ride your bike (or now run, hike, etc.) up the same climb over and over again until your vertical gain equals that of Mt. Everest.

In other words, you have to ride up a climb for 8848 meters (29,029 ft). Oh, and to make it official, you have to do so without stopping for sleep. In this video, we find a young man who is willing to take on one such challenge, but what separates Charli Mandel’s efforts from other Everesting rides is that he is attempting it on a fixie bike.

That is to say, he doesn’t have any gears or brakes. As the title of the film suggests, this just might be “a terrible idea.”