Eco-Challenge Fiji—World’s Toughest Race Arrives on Amazon Prime on August 14

We’ve been waiting with great anticipation for months now, but we finally have an official date for when Eco-Challenge Fiji will arrive on Amazon Prime Video. The world’s toughest race, hosted by Bear Grylls no less, will make its return to television after a 17-year hiatus on August 14. What can we expect from this fantastic event? Watch the teaser trailer above to get a sense of what the coed four-person teams endured while racing nonstop across a punishing course.

The race itself actually took place last September, but the team involved with bringing it to television has done an amazing job of keeping the result a secret. I’ve even spoken to some of the racers directly, and they’ve been very careful with what they’ve shared.

As a result, I’ll be going into the show completely unaware of what took place, who won, and how the teams fared in this epic return of what is unquestionably the most famous and revered race in adventure racing history.

As we all sit around waiting for the green light to start pursuing our own adventures again, Eco-Challenge on Amazon Prime Video should help scratch the itch some. And since August 14 also happens to be my birthday, I’m already starting to countdown he days.


2 thoughts on “Eco-Challenge Fiji—World’s Toughest Race Arrives on Amazon Prime on August 14”

  1. Eco Challenge was my introduction to the world of adventure racing, I watched the Morocco race (-98) and was immediately toatally hooked. Went on to read Marty Dugards book “Surviving the Toughest Race on Earth” (not directly related to Eco Challenge though) and was even more hooked. I didnt miss an episode of the Eco Challenge TV series and later went on to compete in some races myself (however not on this scale). It will be interesting to se if this will spark new life into the scene!?

    • Looking forward to this as well. Happy to have Eco back on the radar. I think it was the first intro to adventure racing for many of us. 🙂

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