Eddie Bauer and Adrian Ballinger Release Epic K2 Mountaineering Video

Last year, we followed the Karakoram climbing season closely, watching as a number of teams attempted Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, and the “Savage Mountain” itself, K2. Amongst those teams was a group of strong, dedicated, and experienced mountaineers who were attempting to summit the difficult and technical peak without the use of bottled oxygen. That team included Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez, who were supported by Esteban “Topo” Mena, and several other amazing Sherpa climbers. If you remember anything from that season, you’ll probably recall that it was a very difficult one, resulting in only a handful of summits on K2. Adrian, Carla, and Topo were amongst those who made it to the top, pulling off quite an achievement in the process.

Now, the team has put together an fantastic short documentary of their climb. The footage in the video above is some of the most stunning and insightful that I’ve ever seen from K2, giving a good look not only of life in Base Camp, but also in the high camps, along the Bottle Neck, and at the summit too. It takes us along during some of the most trying times of the entire expedition, as well as the triumph the climbers felt when they reached the top. At 45-minutes in length, it isn’t a short YouTube clip that just hits the highlights however. So get comfortable, play this on a large of a screen as possible, and sit back and soak it all in. If you’re a fan of high altitude mountaineering, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Big thanks to Eddie Bauer for support this expedition and helping to deliver such a great mountaineering documentary. In a time when most of us aren’t getting outside to enjoy our own big adventures, this film delivers a much needed dose of inspiration. You can find out more about about the team, their experience on K2, and the gear that they used on the film’s official webpage. It includes some amazing photos that are worth a look too.

3 thoughts on “Eddie Bauer and Adrian Ballinger Release Epic K2 Mountaineering Video”

  1. This is incredible video. I felt as if I am also part of this dangerous, adventurous mountain expedition.
    I congratulate the efforts of the team to show the pulse of this incredible feet. Thank you guys.

  2. A really good video, and especially meaningful for me as I was part of a group of 13 trekkers from Canmore, Alberta who, by coincidence, were standing in Concordia base camp around 08:00 on the morning of July 24 – just as the Eddie Bauer climbers were standing on the summit of K2.

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