Famous Forrest Fenn Treasure Found in the Rocky Mountains

Fenn Treasure Found: A famous hidden treasure containing more then a million dollars worth of gems has reportedly been discovered, bringing an end to a controversial search that has gone on for more than a decade.

Over the weekend, Santa Fe-based millionaire art dealer Forrest Fenn announced that the treasure that he had hidden in the Rocky Mountains over ten years ago had been uncovered at last, closing the book on a strange, wild, and sometimes-deadly treasure hunt that consumed the lives of thousands of people.

Back in 2010, Fenn allegedly hid a box of treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, then announced this unusual move in his autobiography The Thrill of the ChaseThe book also contained a 24-line poem that served as the clues to where this treasure was hidden.

The revelation of a million dollar reward just waiting to be found in the mountains created quite a stir, motivating thousands of people to head out in search of the gold, diamond, rubies, and other precious items that were said to be part of the trove.

According to Fenn, that’s exactly what he had hoped to accomplish. He says that his goal was to get people out into the wild, send them on an adventure, and have them reconnect with nature. He also says that he wanted to give people a source of hope during the Great Recession.

Apparently, his plan was a success, as an estimated 350,000 people looked for his hidden loot. Some quit their jobs to become full-time treasure hunters, other relocated from across the U.S. in order to be closer to the area where it was believed to have been hidden.

As many as five people lost their lives in pursuit of the treasure, which sparked controversy amongst authorities, government officials, and the general public alike. At various times, there were even demands for Fenn to call the entire hunt off.

Now, it seems that the long, sordid story is finally over. Fenn says that someone has found the treasure, but that individual wishes to remain anonymous. Whoever discovered the hidden chest sent him a photo confirming the location and the discovery, but beyond that, not much else is known.

Whether or not we’ll ever learn the full story of the treasure hunter who finally found the hidden gems and gold remains to be seen.

Congratulations to whoever it was that managed to crack the code and find the treasure. That must have been one amazing moment.


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  1. I understand the discoverer wanting to be anonymous but why can’t the location of the treasure be posted? That’s really the interesting part of the story.

    • I don’t disagree! I want to know more about the story as a whole, like how he or she figured out where it was at. How long they were searching, etc. I’m hoping we’ll hear more about this at some point down the line.

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