More Spring 2020 Gear Round-Ups

Last week, I wrote a post that collected several gear round-ups from across the web. It seems that even though most of us have curtailed our travels and outdoor adventures due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is still a steady stream of new outdoor gear making its way onto the shelves of our favorite shops.

Since writing that article, there have been several new gear round-ups published, proving that even though there isn’t a lot to write about when it comes to exploration and adventure, good new gear remains a constant.

So if you’re still looking to upgrade some of your equipment heading into the summer months, here are a few more reviews and round-ups to take a look at.

This week, Popular Mechanics has been very busy when it comes to posting about gear. Not only has the team at Pop Mech take a peek at the best everyday carry pocket knives, but they’ve also reviewed the best hammocks for camping and backpacking too. But even that isn’t the only line of products that the PM team has rated and reviewed, as you’ll also find a rundown of the best rooftop cargo carriers and the best kayaks for fishing and floating too.

Sorting through those articles should probably keep you busy, as least for a little while. But other outlets were complying with some solid gear reviews as well, including the Outside magazine.

On its website, Outside took a look at five pairs of light hiking shoes that are worth putting on your feet, as well as the best new cycling gear it has seen this spring. The GearJunkie team also had a rundown of its favorite new cycling gear too, most of which was set to be unveiled at the now-postponed Sea Otter Classic event.

There are likely to be more gear reviews and round-ups to come as we press further into summer. With the 2020 Summer Outdoor Retailer show canceled, brands are looking to get the word out on their new product in unique ways.

For me, that means Zoom calls, press releases, online product demos, and a variety of other interactions. It also means you can expect a steady stream of gear news in the weeks ahead.

Kraig Becker