Outside Gives Us 18 New Rules for Camping

Once an activity that was resigned solely to the outdoorsy crowd, camping has been evolving steadily over the past decade or so. Even before the coronavirus arrived on the scene to disrupt things, the idea of camping as a way to get outside and get some distance from others was already taking root. In fact, there has been a steady increase in the number of people who have gone camping in recent years, including an encouraging number of minorities. To meet this changing landscape, Outside magazine has come up with a new set of rule to help govern how we view the activity and redefine it moving forward.

In an article published yesterday, Outside lays out the 18 new rules of camping, bringing some fresh perspectives on where to go, what to do, and what gear to bring along. Rule #1? Glamping is camping. This isn’t one that I’ve always agreed with, but I understand their perspective. Just because someone doesn’t want to rough it quite so much as we might enjoy, doesn’t meant that their experience is less valid. Other rules include camping locally, which is especially important considering the current circumstances, and don’t be afraid to bring a few amenities along for the trip. Outside says that roughing it is “out” and the modern camper doesn’t mind having some luxury items along for the trip.

I won’t spoil too many of these new “rules” but they are a decidedly modern take on the experience. For instance, it’s okay to bring your phone along and embracing van-life is encouraged. You won’t need the most expensive gear to have a good time either and sleeping outside should be embraced and celebrated. These are just a few of the perspectives that Outside offers, as it looks to pave the way for a more modern camping experience that is inclusive and inviting to everyone, including those who aren’t naturally outdoorsy.

Get a look at all of the new rules of camping here.

Kraig Becker

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