Video: Bikepacking the South Downs Way in England

Some bike routes are beautiful and others hold cultural significance. But the the South Downs Way in England has a little bit of both. This natural trail has been around for centuries, although it hasn’t always been open for cycling. Now, the 100-mile route—which features 3500 meters (11,482 ft) of climbing—has become a popular bikepacking route, and when you watch this video you’ll understand why.

But the trail’s legacy expands beyond its beauty, as it also happens to be the trail that pro cyclist Sean Yates used for training. Yates was just the third British rider to ever wear the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France. In this video, his son Liam, along with his mates Neil Philips, Sophie Edmondson, and Anna Mcleod, sets out to ride in his father’s tire tracks. The results are nothing short of magical.

Kraig Becker