Video: Botswana Wildlife By Drone

Most of us aren’t free to travel to the remote corners of the globe that we love so much right now, but thankfully there are still some beautiful videos coming our way. Those clips won’t help satiate our wanderlust forever of course, but they certainly do help in the interim. This video a perfect example of that, taking us to African country of Botswana where a drone is used to spotwilldifw from the air. Here, you’ll not only explore the amazing landscapes that are found in Botswana, but you’ll see plenty of zebras, elephants, buffalo, and lion too. The aerial shots are spectacular and the drone is put to good use, getting us closer to these creatures than we typically would have a chance to on our own.

I can’t wait to go back to Africa.

13 thoughts on “Video: Botswana Wildlife By Drone”

  1. I have travelled widely, but never to Botswana, now i would like to go – what a treat this video is, it is very well filmed. keep up the good work,[

    • Africa is already under infection. And no one is suggesting going before it is safe. Eventually we’ll be able to travel again, and it is okay to look forward to that.

      • Do go! We were fortunate enough to be owners of a game farm and lodge in the Kalahari and during the years we lived there experienced more than anyone dreams. Botswana will capture your soul and enrich your life forever

        • It is on my list for sure! I’ve been to Africa many times and always love it, just haven’t been to Botswana yet. 🙂

          • Its about time now.. I recommended the safaris. Lots of camps to choose for i did the kwando safaris and their camps are lebala and pompong.. Amazing experiences in the wilderness. Mever experienced that 5 🌟 treatment and mind you lots of activities to do, animal tracking, birds viewing,helicopter ride and the sundowns by the riverbank watching the hippos and 🐊.. Pleanty of food and deinks unlimited. So i highly rwconnend it. Good luxk!!

  2. I’d like to use part of your clip in a youtube live stream that talks about drone technology.

    My father comes from South Africa – and some of this resonates with me.

    My channel is very small, but I will provide a link in the description of my video pointing my audience to come find your full video here. Please write to me if you are unhappy to have me use a section of your clip for this purpose.

  3. Hi Kraig its good to see Botswana ! It’s an amazing country & I’m lucky to have a cousin & family there so have visited many times. Should have been going next week but have to wait so am missing it like crazy .

  4. Fantastic Country and the people are awesomely friendly. Wildlife is in abundance. Look up Sky Adventures Tours and Safaris in Maun for an unforgettable time in the Okavango Delta or Central Kalarari. With probably the best born and bred guide in the Country. And for an upmarket Lodge look up Go Moti River Lodge. Believe me I’ve been visiting Botswana for two decades.

    Peter BREAR.

  5. Botswana has the most breathtaking wildlife it’s a must see. I’m from the south where there is hardly any wildlife but I make sure I go on vacation to areas with wildlife once in a while when I’m in the country.

  6. Botswana is indeed beautiful.its my country and I’m sure you will enjoy loads of safaris in the land. Now the Okavango delta is flooding which gives the place a magnificent beauty. Please do come and visit the beloved country of our.


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