Video: In the Footsteps of Glaciers

It’s no secret that many of the glaciers in the Himalaya are retreating rapidly. Climate change and global warming have left them melting at a dramatic rate. So much so, that by the end of the century, a third of those glaciers may be gone altogether. With more than 120 million people living in the region and depending on those glaciers to provide fresh water, that means we’re not only on the verge of a climate crisis, but a water crisis too. This is having a dramatic impact on the lives of the people who live there, as you’ll see in this short documentary. Here, we’ll travel to the Mustang region of Nepal, where we’ll meet the Gurung family. For them, this isn’t a theoretical event that is going to happen 50+ years in the future. It is impacting their lives now, as the family splits into two groups in two different locations as they look to support one another as best they can.

Kraig Becker