Video: The Science Behind Nat Geo’s Expedition Everest 360

In the spring of 2019, a team of climbers, explorers, and scientists traveled to Mt. Everest to survey the mountain in ways that it has never been seen before. The expedition, which was sponsored by National Geographic and Rolex, has produced some interesting looks at the mountain so far, including a 360º drone view of the peak and a video that provides an inside look at what the expedition was all about. Now, we head up the mountain with the team once again, this time using the 360º video technology on the ground. In this clip, we’ll start at Base Camp at 17,500 feet ( meters) and make our way up to 27,000 feet ( meters) as the team collects ice cores, install a weather station, and take dozens of other biological and environmental samples from the mountain too. Here, we’ll see the team truly at work in one of the highest-altitude, harshest environments on the planet. Thanks to the ability to pan the camera around while watching the video, we’ll not only get a sense of the views that they experienced along the way, we can get a sense of what it is like for us to be there as well.