Video: Vindur—Images of Iceland

In Iceland, the word “vindur” translates to “wind,” which is a pervading and ever-present force throughout the country. In this video, we travel to remote and spectacular beautiful places in Iceland, where we get a drone’s eye view of the landscapes that are found there. Iceland is one of the first countries to come to grips with the COVID-19 crisis, and has even begun allowing visitors to reenter the country. When they get there, this is the kind of scenery they can expect to see, completely living up to the hype that surrounds the land of fire and ice.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: Vindur—Images of Iceland”

  1. I visit Iceland 60 years ago and fascinated so much that I haven’t forgotten that incredible adventure.
    My friend and I traveled in Iceland on a motorcycle BMW 260 cc.
    The roads at that time where not paved and no bridges to cross small rivers.
    The people we met during the trip where amazing giving us food and shelter.
    I still can remember vividly the beauty of the rough but beautiful country side.

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