Video: We Hike to Heal

As if we needed further proof of the positive impact that being in the outdoors can have on our lives, along comes this video. It shares the story of Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters, who have hit upon a powerful combination of inspiring women to journal their thoughts, meditate, and spend quality time in the outdoors.

This has had a profound impact not only on their own lives, but those of the women that they connect with, giving them empowerment that has allowed them to grow in confidence, strength, and determination.

At a time when there is a lot happening in the world, including not just a global pandemic but racial tensions, ongoing disparity between genders, and some of the most frustrating and divisive political climates weโ€™ve seen in decades, finding escape on a trail just might be the simple solution weโ€™ve all been looking for. We hike to heal.

Kraig Becker