Adventure Quickies: Best Place for Stargazing, Removing Trash From Everest, and More

The calendar says it’s Friday, which means it’s also time for a quick recap of some fun and interesting adventure stories that you may have missed from this past week. Here’s a few things to have on your radar heading into the weekend.

  • Astronomers Name Antarctica as Best Place for Stargazing: Want to get the best view of the night sky on the planet? Don’t mind traveling a fair distance—or enduring cold temperatures—to gaze upon the universe overhead? If so, than you’re in luck, because this week a group of astronomers have named Dome A in Antarctica as the absolute best place to go stargazing. Better dress warm though. Temperatures there have been recorded as low as -130ºF/-90ºC. Brrrr!
  • Sherpas Work To Keep Everest Clean: We’ve all heard the reports about the mounting levels of trash on Mt. Everest, a testament to man’s lackadaisical approach to protecting our planet’s environment. The seldom told other side of that story is that there are groups of Sherpas who have worked extremely hard in recent years to remove that trash from the mountain. This week, National Geographic took a closer look at this efforts.
  • Tips for Being the Ultimate Tentmate: The only thing worse than sharing a tent with someone who is an incredibly bad roommate is actually being that bad roommate yourself. In order to alleviate that problem, Adventure Journal has posted some excellent tips on how we can be better tentmates for our adventure companions. In this case however, those tips are tongue-in-cheek reminders of what not to do, with humorous overtones of course.
  • How to Get Started Hiking: It may seem like it’s no big deal to get started hiking, and for the most part that is true. But beginners can still find it to be intimidating to learn the lingo, buy proper gear, and be fit enough to spend the day on the trail. GearJunkie helps with that whole process by offering an excellent guide to getting started.
  • Is Hunting a Bigger Threat to Polar Bears Than Climate Change?: This week, an interesting story from indicated that it isn’t climate change that is the biggest and most immediate threat to polar bears, but is instead hunting. The good news there are things that can be quickly and easily done to put a halt to hunting, which isn’t the case with climate change, which remains a divisive and politically-charged issue.
  • How to Wash Your Workout Gear: Today’s exercise apparel is highly technical and built for comfort and support while working out. Naturally we have to take a measure of care when it comes to keeping our clothes clean. Outside magazine explains how to best do this in order to maintain performance and minimize the stink.
  • Yamaha Debuts Full-Suspension eMountain Bike: eBikes continues to be all the rage and for good reason. Not only are they run to ride, they open the door for riders who might not normally be able to pedal a more traditional bike. This week, Yamaha—who makes my favorite ebikes—took the wraps off a new model. This time, they’ve revealed a full suspension mountain bike with plenty of power and features.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

Kraig Becker