Adventure Quickies: Pacific Rower Survives Close Call, Outdoor COVID Masks, and More

Most Fridays I try to share a rundown of some stories, travel deals, and gear reviews that I haven’t had the chance to post about elsewhere. Recently, thanks to starting a new job, I’ve found my time constrained even further, which has made it more challenging to provide regular updates. Still, I’m following a number of stories closely and here are a few things you might have missed from this passed week.

  • Close Call for Ocean Rower: We posted about Lia Ditton’s attempt to row solo across the Pacific a few weeks back, but this past week she survived what had to be a terrifying challenge when her boat failed to self-right after getting hit by a big wave. ExWeb has the full story.
  • Annie Londonderry was a Badass Female Adventurer: Annie Londonderry was the first woman to circumnavigate the world on a bike back in the 1890s. Adventure Journal takes a look at this legendary figure and sifts through what’s real and what is embellished in Annie’s tale.
  • Outdoor Brands Offering Coronavirus Masks: Amidst the ongoing pandemic, a number of outdoor brands have pivoted to making masks that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Gear Junkie has a list of those brands in case—you know—you want to do your part to help.
  • Nat Geo Goes in Search of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Of all of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the one that is the most mysterious is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. That is largely because it happens to be the only one whose location remains unknown. But now, National Geographic thinks it has an idea of where to look. Find out more here.
  • How to Improve Your Trail Running on Technical Terrain: Want to get faster and more sure-footed when trail running over technical terrain? Have a look at this article, which offers some good tips and suggestions to do just that.
  • Backpacker Picks the Best New Ultralight Gear: Now that restrictions on travel and outdoor exploration have lifted, many people are returning to the trail for some much needed adventure. Before you head out though, be sure to check out the best new ultralight backpacking gear as selected by Backpacker magazine.

That’s all for this week! See you next Monday!

Kraig Becker