Hiker Attempting All of Colorado’s 14ers Back-to-Back

Everyone knows that Colorado is immensely proud of its “14ers.” For the uninitiated, those are mountains that are found within the state’s borders that are more than 14,000 feet (4267 meters) and there are 58 of them in total. Climbing each of those mountains is a badge of honor to say the least and a significant accomplishment for sure.

But doing them all back-to-back, over 58 straight days, is especially challenge. But that is exactly what one young woman is doing in an attempt to raise funds for a special cause.

Hiker Britney Woodrum has embarked on her attempt to knock off all of the 14ers and is hoping to do so in a little less than two months time. She has been chronicling those journeys on Facebook as she diligently treks to the top of one 14er each day, sharing photos and a summary of the hike with followers.

So far, she’s been doing quite well, although the challenges of hiking at altitude day in and day out haven’t always been easy.

As if hiking up all of those mountains wasn’t difficult enough, Britney has undertaken this endeavor in an effort to lend a hand to those in need. She is using her social media presence to raise funds for an organization called ShelterBox, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those in need.

Right now, those efforts are going towards assisting individuals and families who have been hit hard by the pandemic, which continues to have lasting consequences for many. Woodrum’s goal is to raise $1400 for each peak, bringing her grand total to $82,000 by the time she’s done with all of the hikes.

Apparently ShelterBox’s uses a large green plastic box to deliver the food and supplies that it provides to people in need. In the communities where the organization is active, those boxes have become quite well known and associated with the nonprofit. To further promote ShelterBox, Britney is wearing one of those boxes on her back as she goes up each of the 14ers, and just a little extra challenge to the entire project.

Good luck to Britney on this amazing undertaking. I love the commitment to a good cause, not to mention being decimated enough to head outside when we could all use a bit of extra adventure in our lives. You can fallow her upcoming climbs on the 14eers Project Facebook page.

Kraig Becker