Video: Ben Stookesberry Answers Your Questions on Backcountry Camping

Yesterday I shared a video of mountain guide Adrian Ballinger answering questions about the 8000-meter peaks.

Outdoor Curious Video Series

As it turns out, that clip was part of a series of videos from Eddie Bauer called “Outdoor Curious.” So far, there has been one other video, which you’ll find above.

Ben Stookesberry

This time out, expedition kayaker Ben Stookesberry answers the most asked common questions about backcountry camping, like which camping knife he recommends and which tent he suggest for beginners.  Backcountry camping is something that can seem intimidating at first but is actually fun, easy, and rewarding.

As with the previous video, even experienced veterans can learn a thing or two here, so it is definitely worth a watch even if you’ve camped in the backcountry on many occasions.

Kraig Becker