Video: Climbers Ring the Bell in Bells Canyon

Bells Canyon: There are a couple of layers of inspiration to be found in this video. First, you have two excellent climbers in Brent Barghahn and Brad Heller, who are attempting a route called Ring the Bell that hasn’t been repeated in nine years.

You also have this concept of a “cost of entry” when climbing and mountaineering, which means you have to pay your dues before you take on some of the more big, iconic challenges. Finally, you can also gain some serious inspiration from Barghahn, who is not a professional climber, and yet pursues his passion whenever he can. He trains from home using a metolius hangboard.

By day, Brent works as a product engineer for gear manufacturer Black Diamond. But in his off time, he sees adventure in far-flung places. All of that comes together in this short film to provide an amazing perspective on what it takes to keep an adventurous spirit in your life at all times. Great stuff.