Video: How Drones Are Changing the Game in Mountaineering

Game in Mountaineering: Earlier today, I shared a link and a preview trailer for the new documentary K2: The Impossible Descent, which chronicles Andrzej Bargiel’s attempt to climb and ski down K2 back in 2018. If you haven’t seen that post yet, it’s well worth a look and includes a link over to check out the full film. This video serves as a companion to the documentary however, showing how Andrzej and his brother Bartek used drones on K2 while exploring the mountain and filming the climb and descent.

The drone was also used in a dramatic search and rescue operation that took place at the time. As you’ll see, drones are becoming more versatile tools when it comes to mountaineering and aren’t just used for filmmaking any more. This opens up some exciting possibilities, not to mention giving us a better view of the action. As you’ll see in the clip above, it’s exciting enough to get folks like Jimmy Chin and Hilaree Nelson stoked on the use of UAVs in the future too.