Video: How One Company is Giving Discarded Fishing Nets a New Lease on Life

We’ve all heard the stories about how under siege our planet’s oceans are at the moment. Microplastics, trash, and a wide array of other items are causing major environmental problems and a are having a dramatic impact on sea creatures great and small. One of the worst offenders are discarded fishing nets, which can ensnare all manner of creatures and create havoc for environmentalists. Cleaning up those old nets hasn’t been much of a priority in the past, but it has become a larger focus in more recent years. That’s in part because of companies like Buero—the subject of this video—and Patagonia, which has always put an emphasis on protecting the environment. In this case, Buero turns those nets into cool new products, like skateboards and other items. It is an interesting angle for sure and a great example of what we can do if we just put our mind to it.

Kraig Becker