Video: Nat Geo Uses VR to Take Us Deep into the Ocean

The promise of virtual reality and 360º video still seems like it is always just around the corner. Still, we’ve seen some organizations putting it to good use, with National Geographic being at the forefront of this movement.

Recently, they used 360º cameras to capture outstanding views of Everest for instance and now they’re back to take us under the ocean instead. This nine minute clip provides an immersive look at some views that few people ever see, taking us deep under the water to visit a place that looks alien despite the fact that it is right here on our own planet. While watching this clip, use your mouse or trackpad to pan around, getting a better view of what you’re looking at.

It is these kinds of technologies that really are a game changer when it comes to allowing us to explore our world more fully, even though we may never have a chance to go to these places ourselves.

Kraig Becker