Registration for Eco-Challenge 2021 is Now Open

Eco-Challenge Fiji only just appeared on Amazon Prime Video last Friday, but fans of the show—and adventure racing in general—already have something new to look forward to.

Over the weekend, registration opened for the next edition of the event, with an entirely new location set to entice racers and viewers alike.

Mark Burnett’s relationship with Fiji

Because of executive producer Mark Burnett’s relationship with Fiji—his show Survivor is permanently filmed there these days—there was some speculation that Eco-Challenge would permanently set up shop on the island as well.

As it turns out, Fiji won’t be the only locale to host this revived version of the adventure race, as the 2021 event is set to take place in Patagonia.

2021 Event Takes Place in Patagonia

SAIP Patagonia

The rugged and remote region of South America will present an entirely different challenge from the one we’ve seen unfold in the jungles of Fiji, where heat, dehydration, and tropical storms have presented unique obstacles for the racers to overcome.

With the announcement of the new location, team registration has opened for those who would like to apply.

Can’t Wait to See Who Takes Part

It will be interesting to see who returns for this go around, as clearly there are some racers who took part in Fiji who were there out of the love for the original Eco-Challenge, mixed in with a number of younger teams who were witnessing the race for the first time.

Hopefully, the show will be a big enough success to lure entirely new teams who may not have ever heard of EC before but are experiencing it for the first time on Amazon Prime.

eco challenge group shot

I had a chance to start watching over the weekend and I’m now about halfway through the race.

I Love Watching the Eco-Challenge

As someone who loved watching the original Eco-Challenge back in the day, it was a lot of fun to see it back in action. It was also great to spot some very familiar faces competing in the event, some of which I now call friends.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how everything turns out, although even a few episodes in I can almost guess who the podium teams will be already.

Looking Forward to the Surprises

There is still a lot of racing to go, however, so I’m looking forward to some surprises. I also have a few new favorites that I’m cheering for too. Hopefully, some of these new emerging stars will come back in 2021 to compete once again.

It is probably too soon to know if Eco-Challenge has been a success for Burnett and Amazon, but hopefully, it is finding an audience. Personally, I think it is the best television coverage we’ve ever had of an adventure race.

I’m extremely happy to hear that we’re getting more in the near future. That said, it might be some time before Eco-Challenge Patagonia takes place.

Traveling will be Safe for Everyone

The producers are committed to making sure it is safe for everyone to travel and interact with one another, which may or may not be possible in 2021.

With a little luck, however, the pandemic may be more under control and a vaccine may be discovered, allowing all of us to travel more freely once again.

Until that happens, I’m pretty happy on the couch watching adventure racing at its highest level and in glorious 4k. We have Mark Burnett and Amazon to thank for that.

Update: Registration for Eco-Challenge 2021 closed just two weeks after it had opened. I don’t recall the same thing occurring when the return of the race was first announced two years ago.

That would seem to indicate that there is a lot of interest from athletes to compete in Patagonia, which bodes well for us looking forward to more adventure racing on television in the near future.

Find Your Squad Quickly

I know there are a lot of comments on this post for athletes looking for a team to join for 2021 or 2022. With registration already closing, it may be next to impossible to take part in Eco-Challenge Patagonia next year if you haven’t already found your squad.

It’s never too early to start looking ahead to the race that will take place after that, as planning, training and collecting gear all take time.

Obviously we don’t know where a potential 2022 race would take place yet, but it is never too early to start to look ahead.


Registration fees have not yet been published but we will update this section once they have.


“Late February” or “November” 2021 are the current dates being tossed around as referenced on the FAQ:

Kraig Becker

125 thoughts on “Registration for Eco-Challenge 2021 is Now Open”

  1. It’s an amazing show. I would like to try out one day. Make it a bucket list thing to do with family and friends. Dream

  2. I read in Outside Mag that Amazon gave each team $50k to buy gear and get to Fiji. On the website, there’s a bit about entry fee. Any idea what that is?

    About experience. Part of the application process is to list experience with AR or something of that nature. What if you’ve mostly done Spartan type events or multi day bike rides. Would that be considered ‘experience’ worthy to be listed?

    • The Fiji Entry Fee was $5,000 USD per team. Not $50,000. Podium Finishers won 1st: $100K, 2nd: $50K and 3rd: $25K

      • I was a competitor in the 1996 Eco Challenge in British Columbia. We had to pay for everything from gear to travel. I believe they did cover hotel/resort fees at the start and end of the race. The winners then got free admission to the next race. It felt like being in the olympics, tons of fit people and adventure seekers in one place anticipating a great adventure. I’d love to give it a go again despite being 20+ years older. If nothing else, if there is a team looking for a mentor. I was our team’s navigator, climbing and raft guide. I’m from Arkansas now.

        • Scott. I saw your email, you say you are in Arkansas. I am as well.
          I am inspired by watching eco challenge and would like to become involved as very much a beginner.
          I am 58 and not very fit. Is there anywhere I can begin in central arkansas?

          • Hi Julie, if you have not done much in the way of adventure racing or training in the past the goal would be to start slow locally. This race is unlike anything you can ever imagine. I had the fortunate experience of running with Helen Klein during the early stages of our race. She was in her seventies I believe but in incredible shape. Prior to the Eco-challenge she ran Ultra marathons (100 milers). Start with a mile or two and build as you feel comfortable. I started the same way but by race time I was running 20 miles and riding my bike 50 miles. Having experience rafting, hiking and climbing all come in handy too. In Arkansas we are fortunate to have the Buffalo river, St. Francis and tons of small climbing areas.

      • No i think what TMel is saying that Amazon Prime is helping each team with $50,000 to help with gear and team members. Because not only does the team have to cover there flights and accommodations, they have to cover the costs for food, gear and the assistant team members. I did a lot of research and was speaking over the phone with Merritt Hopper who helped design the races. Great guy btw, but he did say it is expensive to race because you as a team have to cover the costs of everything.

    • There would have been registration fees for 2019, but a sponsor stepped in and paid each team $50,000 to race in lieu of being able to have sponsors. (Most teams would have needed to find sponsors to pay for an event of this size.) We had to spend more than this as we needed tons of gear and also travel for us and our children (our team had many littles who couldnt be left behind :). Hope this helps.

  3. Love the show and the adventure. I would LOVE to do it but I believe one must have the following: experience with navigation, be able to swim, endurance, no fear of heights (which I have), strength, integrity, resilient, team player, tenacious and committed. I wish they have different level so that you can keep trying to move to the next level.

  4. I read on the website that they help cover the accommodation costs but you have to pay for the entry fee. Also, as I am watching the show, most people are doing this for the first time. I grew up surviving out on the land so bringing your culture and tradition to the show is a huge impact on how they pick and choose teams. I wish I could find reliable people from the Northwest Territories to join.

  5. Entry fees have always been a part of Eco-Challenge in the past, but they’ve never had the deep pockets of Amazon behind them. Not surprised that teams are being subsidized some.

    And Shelly, yes, finding a good team can be an obstacle, but I think EC is helping to raise awareness of adventure racing, so perhaps you’ll have more luck!

  6. Hi l am interesteding to joing any team l love challenges l am former turkish solder l live in England l am 41 years old male

    • @Rakesh, Where are you located ? Do you have any prior adventure racing experience ?
      Basic Reqirments to form a Team are as below:
      1. Team must have at least one member of each gender.
      2.3 Team Mates must be citizens (or continuous legal residents for a period of at least 5 years) of their designated country.
      3.At least 2 members per team must possess a current first aid certification from a registered training facility.
      4.One of these members must possess at minimum a 70-hour first responder course certification.

    • I’m in Edmonton, male 47. I have done well with the endurance events, IM, ran the Grand Canyon etc. Have done as
      small hobbies or have basic understanding of many of the “skills” listed for pantagonia but would commit to learning them well if I was going to the race. The ultimate reason for my interest is the internal drive that seeks to experience things that can only be experienced with determination and team work.

  7. I would like to be part of this amazing experience , I can feel all good vibration just watching it,
    Im very competitive with my self and im pretty sure this race will take out the best from me.

  8. Shelly, and others in Canada, I’m in Quebec City, 42, male, and I too am interested in joining a team. I haven’t maintained my first aid certifications, should have done, I do a lot of cycling, but the longest I’ve run this year is just a half marathon, let me know, it’d be a wonderful experience! ?

  9. Hi. I am a 44 year old female Canadian medical physicst who run/bike regularly and would love to join a team if anyone is looking for a teammate. Please email me if interested in creating a team…

  10. Hi All:
    We are a family of ultra marathers, IronMans, marathons and lots of other crazy outdoor adventure. My wife and I spent the entire weekend watching Eco Challenge-Fiji and decided to see if we can pull a team together, master the video and start some serious training. We have the required certifications and I am a PJ (Para Rescue-Para Assault Vet. If you are interested in making the commitment please drop me an email. COVID could make 2021 a stretch especially if February is the chosen month however November could work. I may have a sponsor willing to help with equipment. Right now this is a dream with lots of things to try and get a handle on.

  11. I am looking for a team to join, 43 yr old female acute care nurse for 18 yrs. Baseball player, jogger, camper, world traveller. I live in Canada and would love to represent our amazing country. I’m extremely active and give 120% in everything.
    Good luck to you all ?

  12. How does a person get started training for something like this? Who would I contact?? My best friend thinks I’d be good at it.

  13. Hey everyone, I am 30 years old. I was a competitive cyclist, now I do running/still cycling/swimming/canoeing etc. I am from Namibia but currently living in the Netherlands. If anyone is looking for a team mate who is mentally and physically strong please consider me. I still have enough time to train for the other disciplines mainly navigating and climbing.

    This is big dream for me.

    Hope someone reaches out

    Jaco Blaauw

  14. I am 38 . Marathoner , fitness enthusiast , hiker , biker and a vet..

    I would love to do this , looking for a team to join I may have another person to join with me .. He is a professional cyclists, fitness instructor and hiker .. Looking to join teams .. Potentially for 2021 or 2022 …

    USA / VA

  15. Looking for a Team to join. 50 y/o male from North Carolina – USA. Combat Vet with 8 tours, multiple marathons, triathlons, Adventure Races and the of course the toughest, Ranger School. Currently a Law Enforcement Officer and would love to “embrace the suck” once again.

    • I interested EXTREMLY interested in joining a team for the 2021-2022 team if possible. My name is William Steele I am 51 years old and I am highly motivated. I have completed Lake Placid Ironman and 3 half ironman, 8 marathons and just finished biking the C & O Canal, Great Allegany Passage bike ride which is just short of 350 miles. My email is or my phone number is 570-222-2577. We need to hurry only 24 hours to get in the 2021 race. I am excited to hear from anyone.

      • I’m interested for 2022. I done numerous 5, 10 and 15 mile races. At least 30+ half marathon, 9 marathons, 1 ultra, 3 century bikes. Will to join a team. 49/M. Had a bypass surgery 6 years ago. 6 months after surgery started running marathons.

  16. If anyone is interested on making a team then let do it contact me 701-421-5299 and we’ll make a awesome squad and I need to do something new and I’d gladly pay for the equipment js

  17. Correction:
    I’d love to join an American team! Im a 6’5″ 230lb science teacher and outdoorsman! Text 430-200-7067

  18. I am looking for a canadian team to join! 31 y/o female from Montreal but will soon move to Kingston ON. I work as an army officer and I absolutely love outdoors experiences. Please contact me on my phone 514-424-3616 or my email if you are interested.

  19. I know I’m late to this party but have always wanted to do the Eco-Challenge and would love to join a team. I am in the Sacramento, Ca area.

  20. Definitely interested in joining a team for Patagonia! I’m from FL and beat the flatlands life with mountaineering (Kili last fall), bouldering, ice climbing, biking etc. Always up for a new adventure – 54 years young!

  21. EXTREMLY interested in joining a team for the 2021-2022 team if possible. My name is William Steele I am 51 years old and I am highly motivated. I have completed Lake Placid Ironman and 3 half ironman, 8 marathons and just finished biking the C & O Canal, Great Allegany Passage bike ride which is just short of 350 miles. My email is or my phone number is 570-222-2577. We need to hurry only 24 hours to get in the 2021 race.

    • I think this is awesome, I would love to start looking for a team for 2021-22. I am extremely happy to start a team with you and get to know each other better. We should start by meeting through videos. I could start the conversation of getting a team started with you.

  22. Omgoodness! I’m so glad I found this thread. I watched the whole show on the 15th of August and felt all the emotions I knew I just had to seek out a team to join. I’ve been looking for you. My name is Christian and I live in Atlanta and if there’s a chance for me to join please contact me

  23. I’m from Ontario Canada I would love to make it team coming up in 2021….train hard play harder 🙂

  24. Twins looking to win this amazing race . Ages 46 construction workers , Adrenalin junkies ready for great challenge.

  25. I live outside Nashville TN and looking to join a AR team for the eco challenge patagonia 2021, please text me if you need 1 team member 615-300-3977. I’ve done triathlons, marathons, biking & multi-day hiking trips like 29029 in 2019.

  26. 47 year old athlete looking for an American Team to join!! Live in Northern CA and am eager to talk with any Team!! Shooting for 2022 -2023 race.

  27. Looks like I missed the Patagonia registration window for the next eco challenge after Fiji. Any team needing a female member from UK to join?

    I’m a 43yo British Indian female and very keen to participate in this challenge. I’m an adventure enthusiast having scaled Kilimanjaro & Machu Pichu, did few shorter distance & one Olympic distance triathlon in UK, biked 100km at night in 6hrs in London’s worst thunderstorm for a cancer charity, walked 100km in 26hrs for TrailWalker challenge very similar to eco-challenge in terms of team structure, support crew & checkpoints. Have also completed a 10K tough Mudder, have rock-climbed, sky dived and taken basic scuba-diving & horse-riding lessons in the past. I don’t consider myself an expert and I’m slow but very enthusiastic to give challenges a go.

  28. Hi all,

    I started a chain reaction for this blog. I would love to start a group of us that we can video chat and get to know each other and prepare for the next ECO Challenge. I am extremely happy to start there for some of us that have not made a team or were too late to even register. Lets get a conversation started. Also, if you are too nervous or anxious about joining the ECO Challenge because you do need the mentality and energy. I was speaking with Merritt Hopper who designed the races for the Eco Challenge. He did say to start off small, he has co founded the Race 2 Adventure. It is a bit smaller challenge for adventure racers. There is 2 races happening one in 2021 and the other in 2022. I think you guys should support his races. There 8 day long races that contains just running and hiking mainly. Its a great start for beginners. That is where I am starting off doing and then when the next ECO Challenge is out for registration I will be signing up. Please go to the check it out and you do not need a team.

    Lets keep the conversation going!

  29. This sounds incredibly amazing. I’ve got 4 kids at home that I would love to set an example and precedent for. I’ve told them time and time again that experience is the meaning of life. I’d love to do something like this because its outside of my normal wheel house. Obviously tons of preparation would be required to even attempt this. I wouldn’t know where to start though. If someone could point me in the right direction please. I probably wouldn’t be ready for next years race what with my inexperience but still… So, I just have a few questions and even more I don’t know to ask. Starting with what would something like this cost? What kind of equipment would I need? I assume I need to get more experienced with camping, rafting, and rock climbing – maybe just survival skills overall. I’m sure there’s more I should/could ask but this comment is already super long. Good luck to those that make it for next year and maybe I’ll see some of you one day.

  30. Anyone in the Chicago area interested in forming a team? I am a military veteran with great physical endurance, navigational skills and a team player.

  31. Hi all, My name is Josh I live in VIrginia.
    Looking to form a team possibly for 2021 and definitely for 2022. Anyone want to create a team

  32. This show is amazing and incorporates every strength and weakness possible.
    I’d love to create a team of current serving British military and see how well we could do.

  33. I’m from Southampton in England I’ve boxed from a Young age and I’m in to marathons and any sport which will push me to the maximum and would love to join a team to enter next years race Please contact me if any one is interested .

  34. I would love to participate on thise one in a life time adventure… I love nature, love exploring and love my planet!!!

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